Marina Industrial Park


401 SW 31 Street
Dania Beach, Fl, 33312, USA

Technical sheet (PDF)



             MARINA INDUSTRIAL PARK the MARINA industrial park is located at 2401 ka street southwest of dania beach. DANIA is a vibrant community and progress with only two centuries of antique.Located next to the Atlantic ocean near international ports and airports; We offer a well established and constantly growing industry of maritime services rich in history that serves as the basis for future growth. DIANA BEACH combines the accessibility, the charm and the cordiality of a small town with immediate access to everything that a great city offers.


- The project consists of 6 wineries of 1.49 acres with a total of 23,824 f2 located at ka 595 and the 195 with the best access to the community.
- Each winery has an office, bathroom, storage and mezzanine.
- Each winery has independent parking.