Querétaro Now Pack Industrial Park


Av. Del Marques No. 24, Bernardo Quintana Arrioja Industrial park (FINSA), Querétaro, México.

Spec sheet (PDF)


Description and characteristics

Total Land Area: 3,880.00 M2

Total Building Area: 2,600.00 M2

- Average height of 9 meters

- Pintro sheet cover and acrylic sheet for saving electrical energy.

- Thermal insulation in the roof cover, to avoid sudden changes in temperature.

- Separation between columns of 10.00 meters in the short direction and 21.50 in the long direction.

- It has two platforms for loading and unloading maneuvers.

- High resistance floors up to 2.5 tons per m2.

- Leveling ramp with vertical section sliding door.

- Drainage for sewage and storage of rainwater.

- Electric power with preparation for 110/220 VOLTS.

- Illumination in offices based on lamps.

- Illumination in a ship based on metallic additive lamps.

- Cistern and water tank for storage of drinking water.

- Parking.

- Guard house of 10.00 m2 approximately.


Availability for installation of: Telephone lines; Higher electric power load. (Optional client); Wide access and avenues for circulation and maneuvering of heavy cargo vehicles; Public transport infrastructure.

Communications and roads: Autopista México-Querétaro-Guanajuato-San Luis Potosí; Access to the highway and communication by road to the center, low and north of the country; Insdistrial park that counts on advisory services and supports through the colonists' association; It has a private security service throughout the park; Important companies